As a to-be traveler to Iran, the Iran dress code is probably one of your main concerns. What is the Iranian dress code of tourists? How strictly does it perform in Iran?

To find your answer, you may search and then come up with the image of colorful girls with a loose shawl on their heads and boys with short-sleeve shirts on different blogs and websites. What is going on in that country? How seriously should I observe the law about the Iranian dress code?

As you may hear, after the Islamic revolution of 1979, a new dress code is defined for men and women as a part of the law in Iran named ‘Hijab’. According to the law, Iranian women should cover their bodies and heads except for their face and hands. Men are also obliged to cover their bodies with long-sleeved shirts and long pants.

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Iran dress code, how strictly is it?

The good news that this law is not strictly enforced in Iran in recent years. The state-run administrations and organizations and religious sites are the only places that you should observe the Iranian dress code according to the law.

Otherwise, you should apply the principles. As a female tourist, you should cover your hairs, put on a long-sleeved tunic beneath your hip, and long pants. As a male tourist, just avoid sleeveless shirts and shorts!

What should tourists wear in Iran?

Iran dress code

There is not no other law for tourists. They should observe the Iranian dress code just like Iranians.

The dress code in Iran is different from the Muslim dress code in the Middle East and some other parts of the world. It is not very strict and has its style.

It is up to you to choose the color of your dress in a skinny or baggy style!

However, as Iranians are very friendly and hospitable, they are aware of the tourists’ limitations and their unfamiliarity with this kind of dress code. Hence, most of the time, it is not a problem if you don’t perform the exact dress code.

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Women dress in Iran

Iran dress code

As we discussed before, according to Iranian dress code women in Iran should cover their hairs and bodies except for their face and hands.

However, it is okay to cover the top of your head with a scarf or shawl. A long-sleeved shirt, cardigan, or manteau which covers two-thirds of your arms and with length beneath the hips is great.  Long pants to the ankles are perfect as well.

Wearing sandals without socks is also ok in most places and cities of Iran Also, Iranian women wear makeup most of the time. Hence, it is not unusual to see women in makeup on streets, bazaars, or any other places.

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Men’s dress code in Iran

Iranian hospitality

Men do not have very different clothing according to Iranian dress code. They can put on short-sleeve shirts and sandals without any problems.

The only no-no for men is the sleeveless shirts and shorts. They can put on these clothes only on beaches or during camping.

Iranian dress code in religious sites

In religious sites like mosques and shrines, you should observe the Iranian dress code strictly. You cannot enter the religious sites without complete covering.

Although in most shrines chador, an outer garment that women put on their head and cover the body with an open front, is granted to women before entering the place.

People in some cities like Isfahan, Yazd, and Kashan are more conscious of the Iranian dress code. Try to be more careful about your clothes in these cities in order not to have any problems.

Last but not the least

Iran dress code

Iran is the land of color and styles. Apart from different ethnicities who live with their local dresses in Iran, other Iranians have also different styles of their clothes.

The Iran dress code never stops female Iranians to limit their activities in society, however so many criticize that hijab should not be mandatory. They find their way to be active and stylish while observing the dress code. Hence, feel free to find your style, which is in the framework of the Iranian dress code. Be stylish tourists to Iran.

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