Traveling to Iran, you can save time by booking Iran domestic flights. As the second-largest country in the Middle East, Iran has an area of over 1,600,000 km2. You can take a plane between cities like Isfahan, Shiraz, Tehran, and Yazd. In this way, you can enjoy your Iran flights and the beauties of Iran in a shorter time.

Here we provide you with some useful information about Iranian airlines and airports. So you can choose the way you want to explore the cities of Iran.

How to get domestic flight ticket in Iran?

Very easily! You can get your favorite flight via the Exotigo website! You can buy your domestic flights before entering Iran. On Exotigo, we provide you with different destinations for domestic flights in Iran. You can book with your credit card without any problem. Iran flight booking is much easier these days.

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Iranian airlines and flights

There are 16 active airlines in Iran. Here you can find brief information about five important Iranian airlines. So you can find more information on their websites. 

Iran air

As the flag carrier of Iran, Iran Air is the oldest airline in the Middle East (1944). Its headquarter is at Mehrabad Airport in Tehran. As of 2018, it operates services to 71 destinations in Asia and Europe. 

It is known as Homa, the acronym for ‘Iran National Airlines’. Iran Air is flying to 28 international and 26 domestic routes. It is IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) registered airline. You can find more information about flights, directions, and prices on their website.

Mahan Air

It is the first Iranian private airline in 1992. Mahan centered in Imam Khomeini International Airport and Mehrabad Airport in Tehran.

Mahan Air operates scheduled service to domestic destinations.

It has also flights to Asia and Africa except for Japan, South Korea, Israel, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. You can find more details and information about its flights Mahan Air website.

Iran Air Tour Air Lines

Iran Air Tour is established in 1973 by Iran Air. In fact, it has centers at Mehrabad Airport and Mashhad International Airport.

With 11 crafts, it has several scheduled domestic flights and also flights to Istanbul.

Iran Aseman Airlines

It is the third-largest Iranian airline since 1980. Aseman Airlines has hubs at Mehrabad Airport and Imam Khomeini International Airport. It has also hubs in Shiraz and Mashhad international airports.

It has scheduled flights to different parts of Iran. Some international destinations are Afghanistan, Armenia, Georgia, Oman, and Russia.

Tajikistan, United Arab Emirates, and Turkey are other destinations.

Qeshm Air

Established in 1993 as Faraz Qeshm Airline, it has headquarters in Tehran. Kish and Qeshm islands of the Persian Gulf are their focus cities. 

Armenia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Georgia, Germany, Turkey are amongst the international destinations of Qeshm Air.

The other airlines are ATA Airlines, Zagros Airlines, Kish Air, Taban Air, and Caspian Airlines. Sepahan Airlines, Meraj Airlines, Saha Airlines, Karun Airlines, Taftan Airlines, and Varesh Airlines are other ones.

Iranian airports

Iran has 319 airports and is the 22nd country in the world with most airports.

So you can be sure that you can find flights between major cities in Iran without any problem!

Most major cities of Iran have airports. However, Mehrabad, Mashhad, and Imam Khomeini international airports are one top of the busiest airports in Iran.

The others are Shiraz International Airport, and Ahwaz International Airport according to 2018 statistics. 

All airports in Iran have taxi line. You can ride a taxi to your destination. Otherwise, you can rent a car and it delivers to you in your selected airport.

Different travel classes for domestic flights in Iran

You can find economy class, first-class, and business class for airlines in Iran.

If you notice, there is another letter on your ticket as an airfare code. It defines the rules associate with the type of ticket you buy. 

The time of booking, class, and change/cancel conditions determines these letters.

You can find more information check about the regulations on cancellation and refund on the website of your airline.

System ticket or chartered, that is the question!

iran flight

When you want to reserve for domestic flights, you would be asked whether you prefer scheduled or chartered flights.

But what do they mean?

A system ticket is a refundable kind of ticket, and travel agents sell it as a scheduled flight ticket.

A chartered ticket, which is a ticket guaranteed by travel agents and less expensive, is usually non-refundable. 

The difference is about their price and is refundable or not. You can choose between these two kinds of tickets according to your plan and preferences.

Is it safe to fly in Iran?

The good news is that the Iranian fleet is safe! Since according to the International Civil Aviation Organization, Iranian airlines performed above the global average. 

The fact is that Iran’s planes were not renovated due to the decades-long U.S. sanctions. After lifting the sanctions in 2016, Iran signed contracts to buy new jetliners from Boeing, Airbus, and ATR.

Boeing, McDonnell Douglas MD-80 series, ATR 72, and Fokker 100 are the main fleet of Iranian airlines today. Besides, the Iran Air, and Iran Air tour, are members of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

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What can’t you take on a plane in domestic flights of Iran?

There are some prohibited objects in Iran’s airports. You can put many of them in your luggage. You can also give it to the banned item section of the airport to go onboard. 

Like other parts of the world, it is prohibited to bring guns and firearms. It includes BB guns, firearms, flare guns, and compressed air guns.

In addition, it is banned to bring sharp objects. For example knives of any length, axes and hatchets, bows, and arrows are prohibited. It is also true about toy look-alike, and imitation firearms marking. The case is the same for all explosives as well like blasting caps, dynamite, firework, gun powdered, etc.

You cannot take self-defense sprays like tear gas, pepper spray, and Mace, toxic fumes, etc. with you on the airplane.

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What about the cost of domestic flights in Iran?

It very depends on your date and time of flight and the cities you want to take flight. For example, to have a flight from Tehran to Isfahan, which takes about 90 minutes, you should pay from ‎€ 30 to ‎€ 50 for a one-way ticket.

If you have a plan for your trip, you can reserve your domestic flights in advance, which helps you to save your money! 

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Last but not the least 

Choosing the way you want to explore Iran is depend on your character and your method of travel. Your destinations in the country is another important factor that you should not miss!

You don’t save money by choosing flights, especially in high-season. In addition, you may lose the beautiful road sceneries and cities on your way to your destination. On the other hand, it saves your time and you can visit more places and people! Book your Iran domestic flight here.

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