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Located off the southern coast of the Persian Gulf, Kish Island is one of the famous attractions of Iran. Besides, tourists from several countries visit the island since they exempt from obtaining a visa.

Kish is 19 km from the mainland of Iran. Since the late 1970s, Kish Island turns into a luxury resort and tourism hotspot. With its water recreation, luxury hotels and shopping centers, Kish is still one f the best places in Iran to enjoy your weekend. It is in fact a duty-free shopping center in Iran.

It is a flat island without any hill and has a coral reef. The traditional cistern, water and beach sports, qanat and old bathroom, ocean water park, dolphin park, Harireh old city, and aquarium are some of the places you can enjoy during your stay on the island.

How to get to Kish Island?

kish island

You can reach Kish Island either by sea or by air.  Thousands of flights land and take off from Kish Island daily. The 14-day visa-exempt for foreign tourists make it an attractive destination for those who want to travel Iran from foreign countries.

The Kish International Airport is the entry point for thousands of tourists. From ten cities in Iran, there are direct flights to Kish Island.  The most departure is for Tehran with 49 flights every week. The longest flight is from Tabriz, which takes about 2h and 30 min. 

You can also travel to Kish with ferries from Lengeh, Aftab, and Charak ports. So you can travel to Bandar Abbas by train or by your car and then go to Kish island via sea.

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Sightseeing in Kish Island

There are several attractions and sightseeing that you can enjoy while staying at Kish Island. There are some historical sites as well as recreational centers where you can spend your time there.

Greek ship Koula F

Greek Ship Koula F

The Greek Ship beached on the southwest coast of Kish since 1966.

In fact, it has remained there from that time.

It creates a picturesque view from the Persian Gulf that tourists take a photo of it.

The ship is originally from Britain, however, it reaches to Greek at the last.

In 1966, Koula F Dutch Orinoco tried to refloat it but unfortunately, it was unsuccessful.


Harireh city, Kish

The ancient city of Harireh is located in the center of the northern coast of Kish. The splendid remains of the city including a house, a mosque, and a port. According to the artifacts excavated at the site, from 1000 to 600 was the heyday of the city.

Fishing and pearl diving were the main careers of Kish dwellers. The island was once famous for its date nectar. Good to know that the renowned poet Sa’di (1210- 1291/1292) mentioned the place in his poem book Gulistan.

Kish Dolphin Park

kish island
Kish dolphinarium

The 170-acre Dolphin park includes different kinds of gardens with palm trees, eucalyptus, Tecoma, and acacia.

You can also find butterflies, flowers including orchids and cactus. You can visit dolphins, sea lions, and whales.

The bird garden houses about 50 bird species. You can spend hours in the park.

There are some shows that you can watch trained dolphins during that time.

You can visit trained dolphins, whales, and penguins. In fact, it is the first dolphinarium in Iran.

Kariz-e Kish

kish island
Kariz, Kish

As an arid island, water always matters for Kish. Kariz-e Kish is a network of stone passageways surrounded by a qanat, subterranean aqueduct.

It is actually its hydraulic system, which is dated back to 2500 years ago. By the system, water is purified and store for the usage of Haririeh residents.

The length of Kariz makes it an underground city. You can find handicraft stands and a traditional tea house at the place, which make it modernized.

Water cistern

kish island
Kariz, Kish

Built 1993, the twin cistern looks like a water reservoir, which is made in Yazd.

Due to the climatic characteristic of Kish Island, it is a wise solution to preserve water.

The water cistern has two domes and five wind towers.

You can find a cistern near Harireh city.

In fact, with the help of badgir (windcatcher) the temperature of water keeps low at the cisterns. This is how cisterns work in the old times.

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Things to do in Kish Island

Beach and sea sports

kish island
water sports in Kish

Parasailing, scuba diving in the Persian Gulf, and flyboard, wake-boarding, and jet skiing are some water sports that you can enjoy while staying in Kish. Besides, there are aqua parks that offer water recreation. The glass bottom boats give you the chance to see underwater without getting wet.

With flyboard you can fly two meters above sea and dive in it.

Gyro-copter, which resembles a helicopter, provides you a chance to fly over the Persian Gulf. Another recreation you can enjoy is the Kish shuttle. You can get on a tube and pull by a high-speed boat. Submarine scooter, diving, and ski cable are other water sports you can enjoy at Kish Island.


Kish Ocean Park

kish island
Kish Ocean Park

The first outdoor water park is one of the must-see attractions of Kish Island. It is a theme park based on the story of the mystery of the Sun Castle.

It is based on a story of a group of pirates attacking the Persian gulf. Meantime three brothers who lived at the sun castle decide to fight with them.

It has four swimming pools and one spa and two restaurants.

You can also find beverage stores and coffee shops, and shopping areas in the park.

Kish Ocean Park has 13 rides including free fall, wizard, super bowl, inner tubes, and wave pool.



Riding a bicycle along the coastline is one of the great experiences you can have during your stay at Kish. You can rent bicycles, tricycles, tandem bikes, and scooters hourly or for a day at the stations available across the Kish road bikes snakes the island.

Walking through Kish Island

Mirmahna beach, Kish

Whether you are eyeing a relaxing vacation or looking for an exciting destination, Kish Island is the correct choice. Kish, the beautiful coral island of the Persian Gulf, can be your dreamy destination with its turquoise sea and sandy coast and water sports that pumped you up!

On the eastern side of Kish, Marjan beach fascinates you with its coral nature. You can also find palm trees and you have a panoramic view of the island. Don’t miss sunrise at the Marjan beach. There are several sports clubs at the beach as well.

Lodging in Kish Island

Marina Park Hotel

kish island

The 5-star hotel and beachfront resort is one of the best coasts of Kish Island. It boasts a private coral beach with all kinds of water sports and a lush garden. The hotel is the only marina hotel in Iran and has great facilities for individuals.

It has standard, double, and a twin room, as well as suites with garden and sea view.

The hotel has a center for teaching water sports, beach cafes, beach parks, and water sports clubs.

It has great access to Kish Dolphin park and is a 13-minute drive from Kish International Airport.

Dariush Grand Hotel

It is a symbol of Persian civilization and the great history of the Persians. Dariush Grand Hotel is named after the Achaemenid King Dariush the Great (550-486 BCE) due to its resemblance to Apadana and Tahchra palaces of Persepolis.

It has 190 spacious and exquisite rooms and suites. All the rooms have all modern facilities like internet, hairdryer, mini-bars, balcony with sea or garden view, and bathtub.

The hotel is one of the attractions of Kish Island and many of those who travel the island visit the place. The unique feature of the hotel is the manifestation of the civilization and culture of a great nation.

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Best time to visit Kish Island

You can visit Kish Island from early January to early May to enjoy great climate of the Kish Island. Overall, winter is the best time to visit the island but you cannot swim in winter. During summer, it is too hot to travel to Kish Island. The temperature is above 40 degrees and it has humid weather.

Restaurants and Cafes of Kish Island

Kooh-e Noor Restaurant

Made from stone and rock, Kooh-e Noor Restaurant has great decoration.

You can find all Iranian, and foreign cuisine as well as seafood.

You can also enjoy live music at the restaurant. There is a café on the top of the restaurant.

Address: Near to Sadaf Hotel, Danesh Boulevard, Amir Kabeer Square

Mir Mohanna Restaurant

It is one of the oldest restaurants on Kish Island. You can find a variety of kinds of seafood in the restaurant. You can enjoy eating food in modern design. It is near the beach and you can enjoy live music there.

Address: Near to the beach, Parvin Etesami Street, near to the Top Rose Hotel

Tutti Furitti Restaurant

You can enjoy your meal beside the Persian Gulf beach. You can find Iranian and foreign meals as well as fast food and plates of seafood.

On the wooden rooftop of the restaurant, you can enjoy the view of the Persian Gulf.

Address: besides to recreational pier, end of the Darya Boulevard.

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