Many believe that when it comes to Iran, they have no clue about this country – which is maybe because of the way Iran is being presented to the world, therefore has resulted in a couple of misconceptions and false stereotypes about Iran and Iranians. Here is a breakdown of eight stereotypes that Iranians really dislike, so maybe it is better to know them before traveling to Iran.

Iranians are Arab

That is most possibly the main stereotype that Iranian dislike. The question is: ”Are Iranian Arabs? ” And the answer is: ”Of course NO. ” Iran has an incredibly diverse ethnic makeup of people within its borders. The main Iranian ethnicity is Persian, around 60% of Iranian are Persian, 16% Azeri, 10% Kurds, and some other minorities including Arabs which contains only 2% of the whole Iran population.

Iran People
Persian male

The Iran language is Arabic

The language officially spoken in Iran is actually Persian (Farsi), but there are several other recognised regional languages such as Azerbaijani, Kurdish, Lori, Mazandarani, Gilaki, and Balochi. Some of them still considered as a language and some gradually by passing the time change from language to a dialect. Arabic is mainly spoken in the southern region of Khuzestan which is neighbour to an Arabic country Iraq.

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Iran is dangerous!

”Is Iran safe ?” Ask this question from someone who traveled to Iran before, you probably find the answer with a big smile: “Absolutely, yes!”
Reading different travelogues and interviews on the internet confirms your findings! Since the travelers describe Iran as one of the safest destinations they have ever traveled to. Even many of them miss Iranian friends in the country!
Those who traveled to Iran agree that it is safer than many other countries. The country boasts one of the loveliest people in the world. The travelers would tell you that they left Iran with great memories shared with locals.
In fact, not only the violent crime against foreigners extremely rare, but the internal political situation is very much stable too, making it an all-around safe destination for tourists.

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Iranian hate Americans

Almost all Iranian regardless of ethnicity, religion have no issue with either US govs. or US people. Don’t be fooled by the “death to US” chants as this is a just political movement in Iran and usually performing by Iran government not ordinary people. By far Iranian are one of the most welcoming and hospitable people in the world based on travellers who visited Iran. No matter from US, Europe or Asia, You as a visitor will be continuously bombarded with dinner invitations and endless cups of tea throughout your time in Iran.

8 Stereotypes that Iranians dislike
Iranian hospitality

Iranian ride camel

No wonder why so many say this, as I am as Iranian who loved US Hollywood also sometimes think same. The truth is nobody use camel in Iran as transportation and even some Iranian don’t see camel in their whole life even once. The Iran and camel story maybe come from US Hollywood movies which always shows this stereotype. Maybe movie makers either do not have a true study about Iran lifestyle or maybe showing camel in Hollywood movie is somehow becomes a typical scenery of middle east which is far from the reality.

Are Iranian Muslims

Although being Muslim or not, by itself is not those stereotypes that majority dislike, but mistaking Iranian with those radical Islamist is really being hated in Iran. Iranian believe that they are the most peaceful and hospitable nations in the world. It is admitted by so many travelers who visited Iran. By the way there are a minority of Christian, Jews, Zoroastrian which are less than 3% of whole population. To be added religion in Iran is a matter of birth like everywhere else as I know. In this sense, religion is not a choice, it just depends on where you are born.

Women wearing traditional mask

Just google “Persian girl” and check the results. Nobody with traditional mask, Is it? Seems Google is more trustable than some broadcasting news, magazine and movie makers. You will not see anyone wearing mask in Iran. Although women’s dress code in Iran follows Iran government rules but Remember that the dress code in Iran is different from the Muslim dress code in the Middle East and some other parts of the world. It is not very strict and has its own style. Women know how to follow the rules and how to be in fashion trails at same time.

Iranian Women
Iran women dress code

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Iran is totally desert

Iran’s geography is very different from those of surrounding nations. Compared with nearby Saudi Arabia (95% desert), Turkmenistan (80% desert) and Iraq (40% desert), only about 22% of its land area is desert. The majority of Iran’s territory consists of incredibly diverse landscapes, most of which teem with life. Most of Iran desert is on center and south of Iran that makes some incredible places like lut seert, Maranjab desert, Varazneh desert and Kaluts in Kerman. Surprisingly about 14 million hectares of land in Iran is classified as forest, this represents almost 9% of the country’s total land area. Iran forest mostly are in north and north west of Iran.


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