Traveler story – Rana and her husband

We have celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary in Iran. Me and my husband traveled to Iran in Autumn 2019 and we were amused by traces of civilization and history everywhere in the country! We have visited Isfahan, Kashan, Shiraz, Tehran, Kerman, and Qeshm during our two-month travel to Iran. Everywhere there is something that amazes you with its authenticity and beauty. We have some road trips in Iran, which provides a chance to see more cities and enjoy socializing with locals.

You can find a great list of must-see lists in every corner of Iran! Do not miss the UNESCO registered sites while traveling to Iran. However, there are always places that are as amazing as well-known places. For example, exploring Isfahan, the neighborhood at the back of Naqsh-e Jahan square! It is a great place to feel real Isfahan. The alleys, the buildings, all help you to have a great picture of this city!

Desert is one of the attractions of Iran. Traveling Isfahan, Kashan, Yazd, or Kerman you can have a great experience of spending some time in the desert. So the starry nights, sand dunes, and the generous sun all make you feel vibrant and relax during your travel to Iran!

We have great memories of ecolodges. We stayed in ecolodges in different cities like Bekhradi’s Historical House in Isfahan or Parviz Lodging in Qeshm Island. Their local foods and furniture opened great windows for us during our travel to Iran. Socializing with people is another great experience. Iranians are very welcoming and great hosts. We spend some days in their houses.

Traveling to Iran, land of tastes and flavors

travel Iran

Iranian foods are another part of the experience that you should not miss at all. It is a feast of tastes and colors. So you can have a unique culinary experience in Iran. The cuisine is different in every part of the country. Hence you can have different experiences in different cities while traveling to Iran. Spices, cooking procedures, and ingredients have a great variety in this country. Do not miss Abgusht, an Iranian delicious cuisine that is served with special treats.

Traveling Iran provides you with very different experiences. The friendly people, rich civilization, and tasty cuisine make a great memorable stay in Iran that you should not miss!


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