I am Rana from Sweden Stockholm and I traveled to Iran for 12 days, here I tried to share what I have experienced before and during my Iran trip. To help you understand how to travel to Iran and how you may visit, I’ve put together a list of everything you need to know about this beautiful location, which I’m sure will grow in popularity in the future years.

As a starting point, use this checklist and list of advice for visiting Iran as a complete reference. Slowly, tourists are discovering that Iran is the ultimate destination, from the most welcoming people to the oldest history, magnificent architecture, the most barren deserts, green mountains, islands, and many other things.

With enough pre-planning and prior research, you can easily avoid the limitations and stresses that come with traveling to Iran. I tried to consolidate everything you need to know, hope it is useful.

Traveler story – Rana and her husband

We have celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary in Iran. Me and my husband traveled to Iran in Autumn 2019 and we were amused by traces of civilization and history everywhere in the country! We have visited Isfahan, Kashan, Shiraz, Tehran, Kerman, and Qeshm during our two-month travel to Iran. Everywhere there is something that amazes you with its authenticity and beauty. We have some road trips in Iran, which provides a chance to see more cities and enjoy socializing with locals.