Iran villages


People traveling to a foreign country often schedule visits to its major cities or main tourist attractions. However, if you want to discover the real Iranian culture at its most authentic, take the time to tour some of its impressive villages. Some of them are truly unique and you’ll be making the kind of memories that last for a lifetime.
Just have a look at what these 5 most amazing villages in Iran have to offer.

Iran is one of the few counties in the world that is home to historical and traditional villages, villages that charm you in ways you never thought possible. These are not your standard villages, but places that have historic significance and are gorgeous beyond measure. Dating back to hundreds if not thousands of years these villages are a rare blend between antiquity and natural beauty. To help you get started we have listed down the top historical and traditional villages in Iran.

Traveling to Iran, you can have a breathtaking experience by visiting traditional villages. There are some traditional villages in Iran where you can find an authentic view of Persian culture and civilization.

You can find traces of traditional architecture, culture, language, cuisine, and rituals in different villages of Iran. Besides, these villages have still dwellers, and you can enjoy socializing with local people in these villages.