Traveling abroad can be extremely challenging, especially when you are traveling to a country where everyone speaks a different language. When traveling to Iran you must consider the language barrier you will face. That does not mean you should change your plans, all you have to do is pick up a few essential Farsi-Persian words that you can use during your Iran trip.

To help you out we have compiled a list of some of the most common phrases that you can easily memorize and use when making your way through Iran. Additionally, as a bonus, we have included some expressions that can ensure a smooth sail.


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It doesn’t matter where you are staying, it’s common courtesy to greet everyone using their language. A small yet thoughtful gesture that helps you set off a friendship. That being said, you can always say hello with a smile! However, if you are looking to create a bond we suggest you learn the following words and use them accordingly.

● Hello – Salam
● Good Morning – Sobh be Kheir
● Good Evening – Asr be Kheir
● How are you? – Khobi/Chetoori?
● I am Fine – Khoobam
● Goodbye – Khuda Hafiz

Pro Tip: When eating in a restaurant, or shopping locally using the phrase “Khaste nabashid” is considered a sweet gesture. There is no exact equivalent to the word, but when translated word by word it means “Don’t be tired”. A small yet thoughtful gesture that lets the worker/server know their work is appreciated. Encouraging them to keep on working harder, while making sure you are getting familiar with local customs and traditions.

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Rather than using one word to fit every situation, it’s best to use words set for the occasion. These words are easy to remember and can help you set the right tone. Keep in mind that Iran is known for its hospitality, so why should you stay behind? We have listed down a few words and common phrases you can use to make friends.

● Thanks – Mamnoon
● Thank You So Much – Kheili Mamnoon
● Sorry – Bebakhshid
● My Name is (Add Name) – Esme man (Name) ast
● What is your name? – Esme shoma chie?
● Nice to meet you – Khoshbakhtam

Asking for Directions

Maps and local guides can only get you so far! There will come a point where you start exploring by yourself, at that point, it would be best to use local phrases to ensure you get the right directions.

● Where is (place name) – Kojast (place)
● Bus Station – Istgaah otoboos
● Subway – Metro
● (Name) Street – Khibane
● Entrance – Voroodi
● Exit – Khorooji
● Bathroom – Dastshoii
● Right – Raast
● Left – Chap
● Straight Ahead – Mostaghim



Iran is an extremely interesting place for shoppers, but knowing how to bargain can help you save a great deal! This is why it’s best to know what you are getting into.

● How much? – Gheymate in che ghadre?
● May I try it on? – Mitoonam in ro bepoosham?
● May I taste it? – Mitoonam in ro bechesham?
● Expensive! – Gerooneh!
● Discount – Takhfif bedid.
● How much do I have to pay? – Cheghadr bedam?

Eating out

When visiting any new place one of the most amazing experiences to have is the local cuisine. So why shy away and look for fast food places, when you can truly experience Irani cuisine.

● Water – Aab
● Coffee – Ghave
● Bread – Naan
● Breakfast – Sobhaneh
● Lunch – Naahar
● Dinner – Shaam
● I am a vegetarian – Man giah khaar Hastam
● I don’t (add phrase) – man (phrase) nemikhoram
● It was delicious – Khoshmaze bood
● Bill Please – Sorat hesaab Lotfan


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