Qeshm Island is the land of natural wonders. Finding the best hotels in Qeshm is a great way to spend your time in this beautiful island in the Persian Gulf.

Most parts of the islands including canyons, hills, and valleys are protected as a part of UNESCO as the Qeshm Island Geopark. Besides, Qeshm is an economic free-zone with big shopping centers. It also boasts the local life of native people alongside the wildlife of different types of animals like birds, reptiles, and dolphins.

Here you can find about hotels and resorts in Qeshm Island and you can book them via Exotigo website in no time. So continue reading!

Parviz lodging

best hotels in qeshm

Located in Tabl village, the lodging provides you an opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of southern Iran culture. In fact, there are two kinds of rooms in Parviz Lodging; one is traditional rooms on the first floor and the other non-Traditional rooms on the second floor.

All rooms have mattresses and linen, air conditioning systems, and free internet access.

Besides, by your request, you can have local homemade meals. You can sit, relax, and have a drink in the yard. One of the best features of this accommodation is its accessibility to the wonders of the pristine island.

Zinat Rituals Garden

The place have paintings and traditional decoration and is located in Salah village.

As its name suggests, it houses many ritual ceremonies and local festivals.

In fact, there are 34 traditional rooms with a capacity of 80 guests. 

In addition, tourists can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at this ritual garden.

Golden Beach Hotel


Located on the beach of the Persian Gulf, the hotel is 15 km from Qeshm. It has 58 suites, and a special beach for swimming and water activities like jet skiing, water skiing, and fishing. 

In addition, you can enjoy free breakfast, free high-speed internet, pool, and airport transportation at the hotel.

There are several residential unit in this resort. Typical suite, duplex and Villa units. You can also find the coastal restaurant with view of the sea and the rising wooden pavilions along the beach are great places to spend time.

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Coludange Dehkhoda Homestay

best hotels in qeshm

The homestay owned by Nur ad-Din family is in Dehkhoda village of Qeshm. The overall atmosphere is traditional and rustic, with every part of it ornamented with local elements. By staying here with this accommodating family, you would authentically experience the culture.

The total of eight bedrooms of the house includes rooms for two, three, four, and six persons. To complete the sense of living like a local, all rooms have mattresses for sleeping, while equipped or shared ones. Thus, the common area in the yard is where you can meet other travelers and enjoy homemade local food. Women of Nur ad-Din family prepare and cook the food in the house.

Fulton Hotel

It is one of the best hotels in Qeshm Island. The Fulton Company started its activity in 2000 in the field of recreational boats for the international market. In 2014, the company’s executives set up a resettlement facility in Fulton.

Besides, The complex is located in three types of vialls, hotels, and apartments, ready to welcome guests and tourists.

The villa located at the best point of the island and on a coastal land of 3000 square meters and a 480 meter substructure in the east of Hamoon basin, which consists of seven bedrooms, dinning and living rooms.

Hotel Fulton has 16 rooms, six suites and three apartment of 2,3,4 apartments, each with full facilities. They all have compelete heating and cooling system, free internet, and CCTV.

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