Whether you are a backpacker or an independent traveler to Iran, booking a hotel is one of the things you must do! Booking online your hotel in Iran makes you sure about your accommodation during your trip. Hence, reading about different accommodations and selecting your favorite one is one of the must-do things before your arrival.

However, the online booking of Iran hotels is different. Due to the imposed sanctions, some renowned hotel booking websites like Airbnb and booking.com are not working in Iran. So what you should do to book a hotel online in advance?

How to book a hotel in Iran online?

  1. Search and find the hotel

    Exotigo search engine will help you to access to hundreds of Iran hotels

  2. Check the availability and price

    After you select your preferred hotel, you need to check the availability and price.

  3. Book and pay online

    Finally you can pay via credit or debit card or even your Paypal account. Exotigo platform is secured by Geotrust and our support team is available 24/7.

  4. Get the hotel voucher via Email

    Once you paid successfully, a hotel confirmation will be sent to the provided email. this is your hotel voucher and you can check-in at the hotel.

Here we provide you with some solutions to deal with this issue. You can book it through an Iranian travel agency, some Iranian websites, directly from a hotel, at the airport, or in person.

Each one of these ways has its pros and cons. So read on to read about all things you should know about online booking a hotel in Iran:

Book hotel via Iran local websites

As we said, the international online booking websites do not work in Iran. However, you can find some Iranian local websites where you can browse hotels for online booking in Iranian cities.

Nevertheless, there are some problems here. First of all, most of these websites are intermediatory ones. It means that they collect the application for hotels and they submit it to the accommodation. In this way, your booking may not be finalized for weeks. So even if your booking is confirmed, there is a probability that you cannot finalize it.

Remember that you probably need your hotel voucher to get an Iran visa so it should be finalized before your arrival. On these websites, you may not find budget hotels and accommodation.

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Book your hotel through an Iranian online travel agency

Another way to book your hotel is through local travel agencies. In this way, you can pay online. Besides, the hotels introduced on the website of Iranian travel agencies are those with a good rate of reviews.

At Exotigo.com it is provided for you an opportunity to have a lot of options ranging from budget accommodation to five-star hotels in different cities.

On Exotigo, you can pay with your international credit card like Matercard, Visa and AMEX also Paypal and Alipay. We have also the best price guarantee so you make sure that you book your hotel with the best price and otherwise you are refunded. We have also a flexible travel option on the website. It means that you can change your arrival and departure dates after reservation.

On Exotigo you can find a variety of accommodation from budget-friendly to luxury ones. We also offer you hostels of high quality. Besides, there are different cities on our websites where you can find your accommodation there. You can also find the best hotels in Iran in different cities on our blog.

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hotel booking iran

How to book your hotel on Exotigo?

It is very easy! Choose the hotel tab on the home page of Exotigo. You can choose your location and check-in and check-out date and the number of guests on the search toolbar at the top of the page. Then you can check the price of each hotel. You can also find hotels in Iran’s top destinations like Tabriz, Tehran, Kashan, Yazd, Isfahan, and Yazd on the page. On the best-selling list, you can find good options to book for your travel to Iran. You can find all facilities, distance with landmarks, hotel services, as well as reviews by the previous guests on Exotigo.

Besides, you can select some adds on like local tour guide, debit card, airport transfer, and car rental.

You can also Iran domestic flights, insurance, car rental, visa, and tour package online on our website. For all these services, you can pay with your credit card in no time and have a great trip with a free mind to Iran!

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Offline hotel booking: email or phone

You can also book your hotel in Iran by sending an email. Find your hotel on our travel blog, websites, and other online sources.  You can email dates, the number of people, and the kind of room you want at the hotel.

The hotel usually responds to your email between 24 to 48 hours. In this way, you can ask for a discount personally from hotel officials. However, be careful to receive the final confirmation before you travel to Iran.

You can also call your selected hotel and reserve your room. Due to the different time zone, it might be difficult. Besides, some small hotels or hostels may do not answer properly. However, this is a way that you can find your hotel.

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Book your hotel in person

It is the riskiest way to book a hotel. Most luxury hotels have counters at international airports. You can book your hotel upon your arrival. However, keep in mind that you do not have many choices there. The budget hotels and hostels do not have a representative in the airports.

You can also show up in the hotel and ask for a room. However, it is not advised in peak season. Besides, remember that you should pay in cash or an Iranian debit card at the hotel since international credit cards are not valid in Iran.

Finally, if you are a citizen of the countries that need a visa, whether in advance or on arrival, you should have a hotel reservation hard copy. So this solution does not work for you!

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Last not but least

Traveling to Iran, you can book your hotel online. There are some local websites as well as some Iranian travel agencies’ websites. In this way, you can pay with your credit card and find your favorite accommodation in advance. However, with a travel agency, you can be safer about the confirmation of your reservation, and the support team can help you to have the best choice. We on Exotigo provides you with best budget accommodation and luxury hotel nationwide. Just search the city you want to stay in and choose your favorite hotel on Exotigo.


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