Knowing little but important things about your next destination helps you to enjoy your trip. The way to use Iranian toilets (squat toilets) is one of the things that you would wish to know about before traveling to the country.

In Iran, like many other Asian countries, squat toilets are used predominantly. Although you have access to a western toilet in most hotels, restaurants, airports, and shopping malls, using the squat toilets is what you should learn while you stay in Iran! Here we provide you some information about using Iranian toilets.

How to use a squat toilet in Iran?

iranian toilet

The good news is that the squat toilets are more hygienic and even better for your bowel movement in comparison with western toilets. Hence, learn about using Iranian toilets and have a healthy trip!

First of all, you should decide about your clothes at Iranian toilets. You can either get your clothes out or lower them to your ankle. Ladies can get off their long dresses before squatting.

After that, all you need is to put your feet on the ribbed spots of the toilet and squat. Remember that you should face away from the hole and squat closer to the other side of the toilet.

Iranians clean themselves with the water hose hanged on the wall near the toilet. You can catch it with your dominant hand and use the other hand to wash and clean yourself.

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If you are not comfortable with a water hose, you can use your toilet paper as usual. But you cannot flush paper down the toilet so you should put it in the garbage bin. 

After you have finished, flush the toilets like the western ones. You can also clean the toilet using the water hose or a water pot.

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Some tips about Iranian toilet

  • Always bring toilet paper with you. Although there is toilet paper in most toilets, it is optional. Hence it is wise to bring it with yourself.
  • Do your business wherever there is a toilet. There are not many public restrooms across the cities. If you are in a pinch, maybe a near mosque can help you. Parks and shopping malls near you are also best places where you can find toilets.
  • Using the Iranian toilet, your skin doesn’t have any contact with any germs so it is sanitary especially when you are on a travel.
  • If you are a guest at an Iranian house, a pair of slippers are at the restroom, which should be used in that place only! Not to forget remove them before you get out of the restroom.
  • Remember there is no toilet on buses in Iran. However, the buses stop in rest areas on the road, which has toilets.

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Last but not the least

Using the Iranian toilet is not a big deal at all! Squatting is the best position for bowl movement and besides, it is very sanitary since your body does not contact any dirty surface. Hence enjoy your trip and embrace the differences!

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