How can you apply for an Iran visa on arrival? First of all, you should check the Iran visa policy about your nationality. Citizens of most of the countries can get a visa on arrival in Iran.

In fact, all citizens can get Iran VOA except citizens of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Canada, Colombia, Iraq, Jordan, Pakistan, Somalia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. In this case, you need a visa pre-arrival from an Iranian embassy or consulate.

However, based on mutual agreement, citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Georgia, Armenia, Venezuela, Egypt, Malaysia, and China are exempt from applying for a visa to enter Iran. In this case, you don’t need an Iran visa at all!

Here you can find more details about the process of getting the Iran e visa, all points and tips that help you to get your visa very easily:

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What should you do in advance to get an Iran visa on arrival?

To acquire a visa at Iranian International Airports, you should take the following measures:

  • Check the Iran visa on arrival fee for your country because you should have euro in cash with you to pay the visa fee in banking terminals at the airport.

So what should you have to get Iran VOA?

iran airport visa

Arriving in Iran, you should fill an application form, and pay your visa fee in cash to the cashier. then you should give your documents to the visa officer and wait for your turn.

They call your name and give back the documents and visa to you. They might ask you some additional questions to complete the process. Here you can find more about what you should bring with yourself for your Iran airport visa:

1. Iran visa Grant Notice

As said above, you should fill in the online Iran visa application form and get your visa approval, which takes two days. So do it days before you begin your travel to Iran. At the airport, you should have a hard copy of your Grant Notice with you.

Actually,  when the MFT approves your application for a visa on arrival, you receive a grant email. Otherwise, you have access to your Grant Notice online as well. When you arrive in Iran, you should submit a hard copy of the Grant Notice at the visa on arrival counter at the airport.

2. Valid travel insurance

You should have valid travel insurance to get an Iran visa. If you have already travel insurance, the name of ‘Iran’ is mentioned in the printed version of your travel insurance.

So check this issue with the insurance office. Remember that some broad terms like ‘Asia’ or ‘Middle East’ are not acceptable while you want to collect your Iran visa.

In fact, you can apply for travel insurance even at the airport, if you want to collect VOA. However, it has minimal coverage, and you do not have options to choose from for your preferred services. However, On Exotigo you can easily book your travel insurance before traveling to Iran. You can buy your insurance online in no time. We provide it for you at the lowest price in two working days. In this way, you are sure that you have valid travel insurance for traveling to Iran.

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iran visa

3. Valid Passport

To enter Iran, you should have a passport with a validity of at list six months after your departure.

4. Enough cash in Euros to pay the visa fee

The arrival visa fee for most of the countries is 75 euros at the moment. But for a few countries, it’s up to 150 euros. You can check the exact fee in the table below:

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How much does the Iran e visa cost?

In fact, an Iran visa on arrival is a little more expensive in comparison to getting your visa before arrival from Iran embassies. Here you can find more details:

Airports and land borders you can get the Iran visa on arrival

iran visa fee

Currently, these airports and ports in Iran give you a visa on arrival.

The number of airports and land ports may change during the time.

So it is wise to check it before you travel to Iran again:

Here you can find the international airports that you can get your visa on arrival:

IKIA: Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport (Tehran Province)

THR: Mehrabad International Airport (Tehran)

MHD: Mashhad International Airport

SYZ: Shiraz International Airport

TBZ: Tabriz International Airport

 ISF: Isfahan International Airport

KIH: Kish international Airport

LRR: Lar International Airport

AWZ: Ahwaz International Airport

BND: Bandar Abbas International Airport

BUZ: Bushehr International Airport

GSM: Qeshm International Airport

If you entering Iran from the south through the seaport, BND: Shahid Bahonar Harbor, Bandar-e Abbas is the port where issues Iran VOA.

In the north of Iran, cyclists and tourists can receive Iran VOA in Astara, Iran-Azerbaijan border in northwestern Iran.

However, if you want to cross seaports or land borders to enter Iran, the wise decision is not to rely on Iran VOA. You can apply E-VOA or double-check the VOA service on the specified border you want to cross. Since issuing VOA policy at the Iranian border may change temporarily due to political and strategical relation between two countries.

Some extra tips about Iran visa on arrival :

  • Iran visa on arrival waiting time: It may take between 30 minutes to two hours. It totally depends on the number of applicants at the airport. It takes a long time if you haven’t applied online for your visa before your arrival.
  • All Iran’s airport visas are single entry and of stay is 30 days. You can extend your visa at Tehran central office:

Address: Central Police Department of Immigration and Passports, Kooh-e Noor St., Motahari St.

Phone: +98 21 7394 8912

Hours: From 7:30 AM – 13: 30 PM (closed on Fridays)

  • All nationalities who are eligible for a VOA can get a 14-day free Iran tourist visa if they remain in Kish Island, Persian Gulf.

Who cannot get an Iran visa on arrival:

  • If an Iran embassy rejected your visa before, you don’t have a chance to get an Iranian visa on arrival.
  • Those who are journalists and reporters on a mission from any country cannot get an Iran visa on arrival.
  • If you are an Iranian and you hold another nationality’s passport, you are not allowed to get an Iran visa on arrival.

Remember that the Iran visa on arrival is for tourist purposes only. So if you hold a passport other than an ordinary passport (diplomatic passport, official passports, etc.) you cannot apply for this type of Iran visa.

Last but not least

To get Iran visa on arrival, all you need is a passport with six months of validity from your departure date, travel insurance, your Grant Notice, and your visa fee in cash! You can easily enter Iran and enjoy the mesmerizing history and nature of Iran.

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