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Traveling alone to Iran? Nowadays solo travelers explore the world and experience new destinations on their own. Solo travelers have also a great experience in Iran. Iranians are familiar with the concept of solo traveling. Especially in big cities, you are welcome as a solo traveler.

If you are open to new experiences and adventures, so pack your backpack and plan to travel to Iran as a solo traveler Iran.

Traveling to Iran for the first time promises a lot of new experiences and unbeaten paths for you. On the other side, you should have some information about the rules and culture of your destination to enjoy your trip.

With 24 UNESCO World Heritage sites, Iran is a great choice as your next destination. The natural wonders and captivating past of the country mesmerizes you during your sojourn in Iran.

As you may hear, most of the time planning for a trip is as joyful as you are going on a trip. Hence, what are you waiting for? Do not waste your time stay-at-home and plan for future trips. We help you with some tips to have a good journey during the COVID-19 pandemic!

You may follow some websites and accounts on social media that provide virtual tours. A great opportunity to explore the world from your sofa! But if you wish to step out of the house, you should do this as a smart traveler who cares about the current situation of coronavirus in the world.