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Welcome to Exotigo

This agreement describes the terms and conditions applicable to the services available on or through the Exotigo website, mobile website, and mobile and tablet applications (collectively referred to as the "Site"), and details your responsibilities, thereby limiting the liability of exotigo.com and its third-party suppliers. These suppliers include, without limitation, the airlines, hotels, rental car companies and other suppliers that provide travel or other services through this Site (such third parties collectively referred to as the "Travel Service Providers").

You, your traveling companions and/or third parties whom you have reserved the Services on behalf are deemed to have read, understood and accepted the following Booking Terms and Conditions. Exotigo shall be referred to as "we", “our” and “us”; and the Customer and third parties shall be referred to as “you” in the terms and conditions below. You should also read our Privacy Policy, which also governs your use of the Website. The Terms and Conditions below applies for both private and group bookings, unless otherwise stated.
In event of any conflict, the terms and conditions herein shall prevail.


1- Scope of our Services and Cancelation Policies


A. Hotels and Accommodations General Terms & Conditions  
You acknowledge that the Exotigo pre-negotiate certain room rates with hotel suppliers to facilitate the booking of reservations. You also acknowledge that the Exotigo provide you services to facilitate such booking of reservations for a consideration (the "facilitation fee"). The room rate displayed on the Website is a combination of the pre-negotiated room rate for rooms reserved on your behalf by the Exotigo and the facilitation fee retained by the Exotigo for their services.
 You authorize the Exotigo to book reservations for the total reservation price, which includes the room rate displayed on the Website, plus tax recovery charges, service fees, and where applicable, taxes on the Exotigo Companies' services. You agree that your credit card will be charged by the Exotigo for the total reservation price. Upon submitting your reservation request you authorize the Exotigo, to facilitate hotel reservations on your behalf, including making payment arrangements with hotel suppliers. You acknowledge that except as provided below with respect to tax obligations on the amounts we retain for our services, the Exotigo do not collect taxes for remittance to applicable taxing authorities. The tax recovery charges on prepaid hotel transactions are a recovery of the estimated taxes (e.g. sales and use, occupancy, room tax, excise tax, value added tax, etc.) that the Exotigo pay to the hotel supplier for taxes due on the hotel's rental rate for the room. The hotel suppliers invoice the Exotigo for certain charges, including tax amounts. The hotel suppliers are responsible for remitting applicable taxes to the applicable taxing jurisdictions. None of the Exotigo act as co-vendors with the supplier with whom we book or reserve our customer's travel arrangements. Taxability and the appropriate tax rate vary greatly by location.
The actual tax amounts paid by the Exotigo to the hotel suppliers may vary from the tax recovery charge amounts, depending upon the rates, taxability, etc. in effect at the time of the actual use of the hotel by our customers. We retain service fees as additional compensation in servicing your travel reservation. Service fees retained by the Exotigo for their services vary based on the amount and type of hotel reservation.
Cancellation, Amendments, Refund:
Hotel cancellation policies vary. Certain reservations are non-cancellable and non-changeable. Others require you to pay a penalty if you cancel. Still others are fully refundable. Check the hotel cancellation policy for each hotel reflected on the hotel page (URL).
 You may cancel or change your prepaid hotel reservation, but you will be charged the cancellation or change fee indicated in the rules and restrictions for the hotel reservation. You agree to pay any cancellation or change fees that you incur. In limited cases, some hotels do not permit changes to or cancellations of reservations after they are made, as indicated in the rules and restrictions for the hotel reservation. You agree to abide by the Terms of Use imposed with respect to your prepaid hotel reservations.

In any refund cases, the payment processing fee which is charged by the payment gateway provider is non-refundable. 

Sales, use and/or local hotel occupancy taxes are imposed on the amounts that we charge for our services (service fee and/or facilitation fee) in certain jurisdictions. The actual tax amounts on our services may vary depending on the rates in effect at the time of your hotel stay. You may not book reservations for more than 8 rooms online for the same hotel/stay dates. If we determine that you have booked reservations for more than 8 rooms in total in separate reservations, we may cancel your reservations, and charge you a cancellation fee, if applicable. If you paid a non-refundable deposit, your deposit will be forfeited. If you wish to book reservations for 9 or more rooms, you must contact Exotigo’s group travel specialists by Email or by filling out the group travel form online. One of our group travel specialists will research your request and contact you to complete your reservation. You may be asked to sign a written contract and/or pay a nonrefundable deposit. Some hotel suppliers may require you to present a credit card or cash deposit upon check-in to cover additional expenses incurred during your stay. Such deposit is unrelated to any payment received by Exotigo for your hotel booking.

B. Flight Tickets General Terms & Conditions 

Passenger Details
It is passenger’s responsibility to provide us with the correct information as shown on the passenger’s passport and ensure that there are no errors or omissions in the flight details on your itinerary and air tickets IMMEDIATELY upon receiving them.
Note that passengers may be denied flight boarding if errors are discovered only upon check-in at the airport.
Entry/ Visas
It is passenger’s responsibility to ensure you have valid Entry Visa or Transit Visa to enter the country of destination or applicable stopovers destinations.
Exotigo is not liable for any consequences arising from improper or incomplete travel documents or not meeting the Entry/Transit Visas requirements.
Passport Validity
It is passenger’s responsibility to ensure that your passport should have a minimum of 6 months validity upon completion of the return journey, proper and valid.
Cancellation, Amendments, Refund:
Flight cancellation fees vary depending on the airline, class, and the time of cancelation. Depends on mentioned items cancelation fees vary 20-40 % three days before the flight date, 30-60 % one day before the flight date, and 70-90 % three hours before the flight time. To be noted that some flight tickets are Charter type which are usually cheaper and Non-Refundable. Fares quoted are not guaranteed until Ticket(S) is issued and may subject to changes.
Booking/ Admin Fees are applicable and are non-refundable.
All flight bookings are deemed tentative and may be subject to auto-cancellation at any time, without any charges to you except for Booking/ Admin Fees, unless the air tickets had been issued.
In any refund cases, the payment processing fee which is charged by the payment gateway provider is non-refundable. 
Flight Schedule Change
Passengers are advised to recheck with our staff for any changes or updates in the airlines flight a day or 2 before their actual departure date.
Airlines reserve the right to cancel, reroute or alter the timing of their flights even after the tickets had been issued. In the event of such, airlines may provide alternative flights for your consideration. If you do not wish to accept the alternative, fare's cancellation and amendment policy will still apply. Note that there will be an administrative fee, on top of the fare's cancellation or amendment fee, if any, if you wish to cancel or amend your flight.
Penalty & Charges
Once tickets are issued, any amendment and/or cancellation of the bookings would incur airline penalty charges and the company's booking/administration fees.
All requests for amendments are subjected to the airline's approval.
Special Request
Meals request, seats selections and special assistance are subject to airline final confirmation.
Baggage Allowance
Baggage allowance differs by airline and ae constantly changing. Please contact our consultant or refer to airline website for more information.


C. Tour and Packaged Services

Exotigo acts as Booking Engine for the carriers, transportation companies, hotels and other principals of third party suppliers and has taken reasonable care to ensure Product Content is correct. The Customer acknowledges that Product Content is made available to Exotigo by third party suppliers. All Product Content is prepared in good faith but Customer acknowledges that we cannot check the accuracy of all the information provided by third party suppliers. The Customer acknowledges that Product Content is Subject to amendment at any time without notice. Exotigo has no direct control over the third party suppliers of Product and will not be liable in the event that any advertised services or facilities are changed or withdrawn. Exotigo accepts no responsibility for any injury caused to you, loss or expenses incurred by you and damage to your belongings where we have not been negligent nor in breach of any duty and or where the aforementioned injury, loss, expenses and or damage results directly or indirectly from any occurrence beyond our control and or including but not limited to the breakdown of equipment, strike, delay, weather, medical reasons, theft, quarantine regulation, customs regulations, cancellation, changes in the tour itinerary and or flight and or other transport schedules, deportation and or refusal of entry by immigration authorities resulting from the possession of illegal and or unlawful items and or holding invalid travel documents and or behavior and or activities are considered as subversive by the foreign government concerned.
The failure of the Customer to follow reasonable instructions including but not limited to check-in and or check-out places and or times or other causes and the losses and or expenses resulting therefrom shall be borne by the client. All necessary travel documents shall be the responsibility of the person participating in the tour packages.
Declaration of the taxable items shall be the responsibility of the person participating in the tour package.
Exotigo reserves the right to:
1. Alter tour itineraries, travel arrangements, accommodation due to unforeseen changes in flight or other transportation schedules, conditions in the countries of travel or transit according to the tour itinerary or upon the occurrence of a force majeure event and such alteration may be made as deemed appropriate by Exotigo with or without prior notice to you.
2. To cancel any reservations prior to departure for reasons including but not limited to the insufficient number of participants the occurrence of which would require the deposit or tour fare to be refunded without further obligation on the part of the company, upon your submission to us of all documents issued by us for the purposes of the tour package. Exotigo will recommend alternative tours, either to the same destination or other destinations. Should you decide not to accept the alternative, all monies paid by you shall be refunded in full by Exotigo without further obligations on the part of us.
3. Require any individual to withdraw from the tour if it is deemed that his or her behavior or conduct is detrimental to or incompatible with the health, safety, interests, harmony and welfare of the other tour participants and the tour group as a whole. Under such circumstances, Exotigo shall be under no liability thereafter to any such person.
4. To specify the language(s) in which the tour guide will conduct commentary in.
5.  All fares are correct at the time of reservation. Exotigo reserves the right to revise the tour fares and to determine the date of commencement of such revised tour fares without prior notice. No refund will be made to any person for unused air tickets or for unconsumed meals and associated tour arrangements or accommodation not used in part or in full.
travel with the Tour Operator. This insurance must cover personal injury and emergency medical expenses. On the first day of each Tour, a representative of the
Tour Operator will verify that you have sufficient insurance in place. You are strongly recommended to extend your coverage to include cancellation, curtailment, &
all other expenses that may arise as a result of loss, damage, injury, delay or inconvenience while traveling. You acknowledge that insurance coverage is not included
in the cost of any Tour offered by the Tour Operator and you are required to obtain separate coverage at an additional cost. It is your responsibility to ensure that
you have sufficient coverage and comply with the terms of the applicable insurance plans.
You are responsible for advising your insurer of the type of travel, destination(s) and activities included in your booking so that the insurer may provide appropriate
Reservations and Payments
All bookings will be on first come first served basis.
A child fare is only applicable to children below 12 years of age on the date of scheduled arrival.
A surcharge will be imposed where an extra bed is required for the child or where the child occupies a room with only one adult.
Time and Location Surcharges such as peak season charges may apply.
Full payment is required upon booking.
Payment made does not constitute confirmation of the booking.
A Pax Statement will be emailed to customer upon payment made.
Confirmation letter or E-Service Vouchers will be emailed to the customers upon confirmation of the purchase.
In the event that full payment is not received, you may contact us at [email protected]  for any issues pertaining to outstanding payment.
Failure to comply with this may result in automatic cancellation of reservation.
Cancellations by the Customer
However, cancellation fees will apply and it is computed based on the length of notice period given prior to the departure. Certain reservations are non-cancellable and non-changeable. Others require you to pay a penalty if you cancel. Still others are fully refundable. Check the Tour and Experience cancellation policy for each product reflected on the tour/Experience page (URL).
Cancellations by Exotigo or Suppliers/Third Parties
Please note that we are acting as an agent for services rendered. Even after deposit or full payment has been made, all arrangements are still subject to final confirmation. If due to some unforeseeable circumstances the arrangement cannot be finalised and the reservation has to be cancelled, we will endeavor to notify you at least 1 week before departure.
We reserve the right to cancel any services prior to departure date for any reason including but not limited to insufficient numbers of participants. We may, if it so decides, recommend alternative tours.
We may recommend alternative tours either to the same destination or other tours, based on current tour fare. In the case of a free and easy tour, accommodation and all other tour services are strictly upon request and subject to confirmation. We may recommend alternatives if available. Please note that surcharges may apply on a case by case basis and you will be advised accordingly. 
Should you decide not to accept the alternatives, all refund will be made accordingly by the Company and without further obligations.
Exotigo shall also not be held liable for any contingent costs incurred by the Customer arising from the cancellation. The Customer shall receive the refund within 4 to 6 weeks upon Exotigo notifying the Customer of the tour cancellation. Save as stated herein, we shall not be liable for any claims, losses, damages or costs sustained by the Customer.
The amendment fees as well as corresponding components are indicated at the policy of each individual services.
All amendments requests must be made in writing to avoid misunderstanding and are subject to availability and confirmation by Exotigo.
No refund will be made with respect to accommodation, meals, sightseeing tours or any other services included in the tour fare but not utilized by the Customer, either in part or full, or where the Customer amends, cancels or otherwise varies arrangements after commencement of the tour.
Upon cancellation, we will refund the deposit paid according to charges stipulated on section 2. All refunds will be paid to you within two (2) weeks to a month. However, during the peak period, refunds may take around six weeks to be paid.
Exotigo acts as an agent for the airlines. All refund on Air Tickets may take around 1 to 3 months depending on individual airlines
For payment made by credit cards, refunds will be made through the credit card company, approximately within 4 to 6 weeks, or approximately two months, during the peak periods.
In any refund cases, the payment processing fee which is charged by the payment gateway provider is non-refundable. 
Special Requests

Any special requests such as special meals, dietary requirements, adjoining rooms, accommodation requirements, etc. must be communicated to us upon making a reservation. Please note, however, that such requests are subject to availability and confirmation by Exotigo. 

D. Bus Service:
The details of the bus tickets displayed on the system, including the price, type of bus, hour and date of travel by the passenger companies, are defined by the travel company, and the 724 Travel System only offers them for purchase; therefore, the responsibility for any possible inconsistency is the responsibility of the respective passenger company.
The price of the tickets provided on the site is fully valid and up to date and is registered by passenger companies.
Conditions for buying a bus ticket
After the ticket is issued, no change (including the date and time of movement, origin and destination, type of bus, etc.) is possible. To apply for any change, the ticket must be refunded.
 Your purchasing information is sent via SMS and e-mail, so the responsibility of the phone number and e-mail is the responsibility of the buyer.
Providing ticket number is its ownership, so be careful about keeping the number sent through the system.

Refund conditions for bus tickets
The rules for Refunding are now as follows: if you cancel one hour before your ticket, 10% and after that 50% of the ticket amount will be deducted.
No refunds are possible if purchases are purchased through a gift card or cards that have a blocked account.
The payment will be returned to your account within 72 hours.
The ticket will be returned to the account, which is made upon purchase of the payment.
Only refundable tickets purchased through this system.

E. Car Rental and transfer

I. Car Rental general terms and conditions
- The following terms and conditions are general rules of any car reservation under Exotigo and come with the terms and conditions of the car provider.
- You agree to pay a late charge [10% of daily rent fee per hour] to the company in case of late returning the car.
- In case of going in the traffic zone, Renter will be charged 3€ daily.
- The road tolls cost is up to the renters and you can pay 4€ to us to pay all road tolls for you.
- Smoking is prohibited in cars; renter is responsible for any damages.
- If the renter is not satisfied with the technical quality of the rental car, the car will be replaced for free.
- In case of car breakdown, roadside assistance will be provided for you as soon as possible, and in case of failure to repair in less than 24 hours, the car will be replaced free of charge.
- Fuel policy is full to full means that you'll need to drop the car off with the same amount of fuel it had when you picked it up.
- You need to return car as clean as when you pick it up, otherwise you will be charged for car wash Fee: 2€
- If the car is damaged through careless manner of the driver (the renter), the renter will be responsible to all damage to the car.
- In case of accident, the renter is required to file a report to the police and provide the company with the crash zone and report documents. If the driver fails to do so, he/she will be in charge of all the complication and costs.
- In case of any Traffic violation or criminal acts and activities, the renter will be held responsible and should Follow the Islamic republic of Iran Law system
- Driving rules and regulation in Iran requires women to wear hijab while driving. In case of not wearing the vail (Hijab) by female drivers or passengers, the car will be impounded for 11 days. Thus, in case of any violation, the renter will be required to pay the rent fee for 11 days.
- If you do not return the car to the location specified in the Rental Agreement, as and when required under the Rental Agreement, you may be subject to criminal penalties and the company is able to follow legal procedures.

II. Car Renter commitments:
The Renter agrees that Renter will not:
• Rent the car to any other people
• Operate the Vehicle in violation of any laws or for an illegal purpose and that if Renter does, Renter is responsible for all associated tickets, fines, and fees
• Use the Vehicle to push or tow another vehicle
• Use the Vehicle for any car race or competition
• Operate the vehicle in a careless manner

III. Car Rental cancellation and refund policy:
Cancellation and amendment of hired car is free of charge. In case of cancellation, you will be refunded within two weeks since cancellation date.

IV. Car Rental Deposit, refund:
Returning of the car is only accepted by providing the delivery receipt and getting the return receipt. Other than this, the car has not been returned to the company and it is considered a breach of trust. The deposit conditions are as below:
• Deposits for economy cars are from 300 to 600 euros
• Deposits high-end and luxury cars are from 600 to 4000 euros
• We will return the full deposit upon you return the car.
You need to provide car hire and traffic fine deposit at the rental counter in cash.
The maximum level of Renter’s responsibility depends on insurance coverage that upon reservation you would buy.
Company shall retain this deposit to be used, in the event of loss of or damage to the Vehicle during the term of this Agreement, to defray fully or partially the cost of necessary repairs or replacement. In the absence of damage or loss, deposit shall be returned to the Renter.

In any refund cases, the payment processing fee which is charged by the payment gateway provider is non-refundable. 

V. Car Rental Insurance policy:
The rental fee includes full coverage for third party insurance, CDW and covers the renter according to Iran’s insurance status. If renter was known as cause of accident and the accident damage is more than deposit and insurance coverage, the renter will be responsible for extra expenses. For more information regarding type and coverage of different insurance, please read here.

VI. Car Rental Required documents:

• Minimum age required:
You must be 19 or above to rent a car
• Driving license:
You must have International Driver's License or your hometown driver's license with your hometown driver's license, you can drive for 6 months from your arrival in Iran
• Identification documents required:
Copy of passport
Copy of Visa
Copy of your international flight ticket

F. Visa and Insurance Services:
The Visa Processing time is usually less than one week. Customers must pick up their visa at Iranian embassies, consulates or IKA airports in Tehran.
Iranian visa services upon arrival to the airports are available for so many nationalities in Isfahan International Airport (IFN), Kish International Airport (Kish Island), Mashhad International Airport (MHD), Dayrestan Airport (Qeshm Island), Shiraz International Airport (SYZ), Tabriz International Airport (TBZ) and Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA).
All people around the world can apply for a tourist visa. While Isreal passport holders have banned it. Citizens of the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada need to process more and their visa processing is longer than usual. Contact us for more information.
 The Visa and Insurance processing fee is non-refundable, non-transferable in case of rejection.

2- Use of the site
Before using this website, please read these Terms of Use carefully. By accessing our website and/or using our Products and Services, you are agreeing to these terms.

Additional terms or requirements may apply or change from time to time depending on the rules and regulations of Products and Services. When additional terms apply to the relevant Products and Services, those additional terms become part of your agreement with us when using these products and services.
We may, without notice to you, remove access to any content, Products or Services on this website at any time and for any reason, including but not limited to, for violation of these Terms of Use.
Using Our Website, Products and Services
You may only access our Products and Services via the interface and instructions that we have provided on this Website. As part of our conditions for your access to this Website, you affirm that you are at least 18 years of age and
agree to only use this Website to make legitimate reservations and purchases for you and/or other parties for whom you are legally authorized to do so. By making such reservations, you are responsible for ensuring that all information supplied by you to Exotigo is correct, true and complete; and obliged to inform all other parties of the Terms and Conditions that apply to the reservations you have made on their behalf, including all rules, requirements and restrictions applicable.
Using our Products and Services does not give you ownership or rights of usage to any intellectual property or content obtained from or through this Website.  Additionally, you agree not to use this Website or its contents for any other purposes including but not limited to the following;
• making any fake or fraudulent reservation;
• modifying, distributing, displaying, reproducing, publishing or selling any information, content, Products, or Services obtained from or through this Website;
• using or altering any branding or logos used in our Products and Services, including third-parties;
Exotigo may cancel any purchases or reservations for any reason including but not limited to abuse, fraud and suspicious activity. We also reserve the right to take legal action against you if you have conducted any fraudulent activity through this Website and you may be liable for any monetary losses.
Our Products and Services may display some contents that is not Exotigo’s. These contents are the sole responsibility of the third parties or entities that make them available. We may review these contents from time to time and may remove or refuse to display content that we believe violates our policies.
In connection with your use of our Services, we may send you marketing announcement, administrative messages, and other information, which you may choose to opt out.
Privacy Protection
Exotigo’s data protection policy explains how we treat your personal data and protect your privacy when you use our Products and Services. By using our Products and Services, you agree that Exotigo can use such data in accordance with our data protection policy.
Warranties and Disclaimers
We strive to do our best to ensure that the content and information of our Products and Services are reliable and updated. However, the restrictions, terms and conditions set out for or set by our respective third parties or suppliers for their Products and Services may change without notice to us. Hence we are unable to make any commitment or guarantee about the contents and specific operations of the Products and Services, and also their reliability, availability or ability to meet your needs. In no event shall we be liable for any direct, indirect consequential damages arising out of, or in any way connected with, your access or use of our Products and Services. Our Products and Services are provided to you “as it is”.
The total liability of Exotigo, Third-Parties/Suppliers, for any claims under these Terms and/or other Terms and Conditions set out for our respective Services and Third-Parties/Suppliers Terms and Conditions, including any implied warranties, is limited to the amount you paid to us for our Products and Services, excluding any transaction or administrative fees incurred or involved when processing your payment or booking.
In all cases, Exotigo and its Third-Parties/Suppliers will not be liable for any loss or damage that is not reasonably foreseeable.
About these Terms

Exotigo reserves the right to change, amend, modify, suspend, continue or terminate all or any part of the terms and additional terms, at any time without notice.
For more information, please contact us at www.exotigo.com/contactus. 
Dated: 15 October 2018


3- Confidentiality of Informatio
Customer and/or Travelers warrants that he/she has given consent to; 
1. The processing of their Personal Data by the Company;
2. By Hotels, Service Providers and any other third parties engaged by Exotigo for the purpose of dealing with bookings of Products
3. The export of their personal Data to any country in the world

Exotigo considers every transaction confidential and will not disclose any information without your permission, unless required by law.


4-  Variation of Conditions

Exotigo reserves the right to change, amend, modify, suspend, continue or terminate all or any part of the terms and conditions, at any time without notice.
You will also be subjected to terms and conditions from third parties supplies.


5- Modes of Payment

Payment may be made in by cash, credit cards or interbank transfer.


6- Intellectual Property Rights


The use on the Site of any name, trade name, trademark, service mark, logo, symbol or other proprietary designation or marking of or belonging to any third-party, and the availability of specific goods or services from such third-party through the Site, should not be construed as an endorsement or sponsorship of the Site by any such third-party, or the participation by such third-party in the offering of goods, services or information through the Site. Exotigo owns the copyright to the Site. You may not use the Exotigo intellectual property without our consent.
The Site contains copyright material, trade names and other proprietary information, including, but not limited to, text, software, photos, graphics and may in future include video, graphics, music and sound. The entire contents of the Site are protected by copyright law. We, and our licensors, own copyright and/or database right in the selection, coordination, arrangement and enhancement of such content, as well as in the content original to it. You may not modify, publish, transmit, participate in the transfer or sale of, create derivative works, or in any way exploit, any of the content, in whole or in part except as provided in the Terms of Use.
Unless stated otherwise, the software required for our services or available at or used by the Site and the intellectual property rights (including the trademarks, service marks, logos, designs, copyrights etc.) in the contents and information and material on the Site are owned by Exotigo, its affiliated or associated companies, licensors, suppliers (including the Accommodations) or providers. Exotigo does not assume any liability for copyrighted materials provided by third parties or any intellectual property right infringements by such third parties.
You may use information from the Site for your own personal use only. Except as otherwise expressly permitted under copyright law, no copying, redistribution, retransmission, publication or commercial exploitation of downloaded material will be permitted without our express permission and that of the copyright owner. In the event of any permitted copying, redistribution or publication of copyright material, no changes in or deletion of author attribution, trademark legend or copyright notice shall be made. You acknowledge that you do not acquire any ownership rights by downloading copyright material.
We may provide hypertext links to other sites which are operated by other people. Using such a link, you acknowledge leaving the Site and proceeding at your own responsibility.
Claims of Copyright Infringement
If you believe in good faith that materials hosted by us infringe your copyright, you or your agent (the “complainant”) may send us a written notice that includes the following information:
1. the name and address of the complainant;
2. where the complainant is not the copyright owner or exclusive licensee, the name and address of the copyright owner or exclusive licensee;
3. where the complainant is not resident in Singapore, the complainant’s address for service in Singapore;
4. a telephone number, a facsimile number (if any) and an electronic mail address at which the complainant can be contacted;
5. sufficient particulars to enable us to identify the copyrighted work allegedly infringed;
6. sufficient particulars to enable us to identify and locate the allegedly infringing electronic copy, including the online location of the electronic copy;
7. a statement that the complainant requires us to remove or disable access to the electronic copy;
8. a statement that the complainant believes in good faith that the electronic copy infringes the copyright in the work identified in paragraph 5 above;
9. a statement that the information in the notice is accurate;
10. a statement that the complainant is (a) the owner or exclusive licensee of the copyright in the work identified in paragraph 5 above, or (b) is authorized to act on behalf of such owner or exclusive licensee; and
11. a statement that the complainant submits to the jurisdiction of the courts in Singapore for the purposes of proceedings under relevant provisions in the Singapore Copyright Act.
The notice must be signed by the complainant and sent to us by registered mail to the us Legal Department – Copyright Claims.
We will review and address all notices that comply with the requirements above in accordance with applicable law.
We suggest that you consult your legal advisor before filing a notice. Also, be aware that you may be guilty of an offence or liable for damages if you make a false claim of copyright infringement.




7- Content

7.1 You and other users of the Website may contribute to the Website in a number of different ways, including submitting emails, writing reviews, making postings, uploading and posting photos or videos, making comments or suggestions, submitting ideas, filling out public profiles, rating other users' contributions and making other similar contributions or submissions to the Website and/or otherwise to Exotigo (collectively, "User Content"). We may use User Content in a number of different ways, including but not limited to displaying it on the Website, reformatting it, translating it into other languages, editing it for clarity and grammar, incorporating it into advertisements and other works, creating derivative works from it, promoting it, distributing it, and allowing others to do the same in connection with their own websites, mobile properties, applications, and media platforms.
7.2 By submitting User Content, you grant Exotigo and its affiliates a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, fully paid-up, perpetual, transferable, irrevocable and fully sub-licensable right to (a) use, reproduce, modify, adapt, translate, distribute, publish, create derivative works from and publicly display and perform such User Content throughout the world in any media, now known or hereafter devised, for any purpose; and (b) use the name that you submit in connection with such User Content. You acknowledge that Exotigo may choose to provide attribution of your User Content at our discretion. You further grant Exotigo the right to pursue at law any person or entity that violates your or Exotigo's rights in the User Content by a breach of these Terms of Use. You acknowledge and agree that User Content is non-confidential and non-proprietary. If it is determined that you retain moral rights (including rights of attribution or integrity) in the User Content, you hereby declare that (a) you do not require that any personally identifying information be used in connection with the User Content, or any derivative works of or upgrades or updates thereto; (b) you have no objection to the publication, use, modification, deletion and exploitation of the User Content by Exotigo or its licensees, successors and assigns; (c) you forever waive and agree not to claim or assert any entitlement to any and all moral rights of an author in any of the User Content; and (d) you forever release Exotigo, and its licensees, successors and assigns, from any claims that you could otherwise assert against Exotigo by virtue of any such moral rights.
7.3 Exotigo and its affiliates may display advertisements and other information adjacent to or included with your User Content on the Website. You are not entitled to any compensation for such advertisements. The manner, mode and extent of such advertising are subject to change without notice to you.
7.4 The Website may contain discussion forums, bulletin boards, review services or other forums in which you and other users of the Website may post User Content ("Interactive Areas"). Within such Interactive Areas, you are solely responsible for your use of such Interactive Areas and use them at your own risk. By using any Interactive Areas, you expressly agree not to post, upload to, transmit, distribute, store, create or otherwise publish through the Website any User Content that comprises or includes:
       a. content that is unlawful, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, indecent, lewd, suggestive, harassing, threatening, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, abusive, inflammatory, fraudulent or otherwise objectionable;
       b. content that may infringe any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other intellectual or proprietary right of any party;
       c. content that impersonates any person or entity or otherwise misrepresents your affiliation with a person or entity, including Exotigo;
       d. promotions, political campaigning, advertising, contests, raffles, or solicitations;
       e. private information of any third party, including, without limitation, surname (family name) address, telephone number, e-mail address, Social Security number and credit card number;
       f. Viruses, corrupted data or other harmful, disruptive or destructive files;
       g. content that is unrelated to the topic of the Interactive Area(s) in which such User Content is posted; or
        i. content or links to content that, in the sole judgment of Exotigo, (a) violates the previous subsections herein, (b) is objectionable, (c) restricts or inhibits any other person from using or enjoying the Interactive Areas or the Website, and/or (d) may expose Exotigo or its affiliates or Website users to any harm or liability of any type.
7.5 You alone are responsible for the User Content you submit. You assume all risks associated with such User Content, including anyone's reliance on its accuracy, completeness or usefulness, or any disclosure by you of information in such User Content that makes you personally identifiable. You represent that you own, or have the necessary permissions to use, and authorize the use of, such User Content as described herein. You may not imply that such User Content is in any way sponsored or endorsed by Exotigo.
7.6 Exotigo takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for any User Content posted, stored or uploaded by you or any third party, or for any loss or damage thereto, nor is Exotigo liable for any mistakes, defamation, slander, libel, omissions, falsehoods, obscenity, pornography or profanity you may encounter.
7.7 Although Exotigo has no obligation to screen, edit or monitor any User Content, Exotigo reserves the right, and has absolute discretion, to remove, screen, translate or edit without notice any User Content at any time and for any reason, and/or to have such actions performed by third parties on its behalf, and you are solely responsible for creating back-up copies and replacements of your User Content at your sole cost and expense. Exotigo has no obligation to retain or provide you with copies of your User Content, nor do we guarantee any confidentiality with respect to your User Content.
7.8 Any use by you of the Interactive Areas or other portions of the Website in violation of the foregoing violates these Terms of Use and may result in, among other things, termination or suspension of your rights to use the Interactive Areas and/or the Website.
7.9 Links to Third Party Websites
The Website may contain hyperlinks to websites operated by parties other than Exotigo ("Third Party Sites". Such hyperlinks are provided for your reference only. Their presence on the Website does not signify any endorsement by Exotigo of the material on such Third Party Sites nor any association with their operators.
We do not control Third Party Sites and are not responsible for their contents, or the privacy or other practices of those that own and operate them.
It is your responsibility to ensure that whatever hyperlinks you select and/or software you download (whether from the Website or Third Party Sites, and including Software, as defined in Section 8.2) are free of Viruses.
In some cases you may be asked on a Third Party Site if you wish to link your profile on Exotigo to a profile on such Third Party Site. Choosing to do so is optional. If you decide to link your profiles and you later wish to disable such link, you should contact the Third Party Site



8- Travel advisory

You shall ensure that you have a valid international passport with a minimum 6 (six) months' validity from the date of scheduled departure out of Iran and have at least 4 blank pages side by side. Prior to the scheduled departure date to Iran, you shall obtain the relevant valid tourist visa and insurance which may be required at the destinations.

Different embassies/consulates require varying lengths of time to process visa applications. However it is passenger’s SOLE responsibility to ensure that he/she has a valid visa for travel to Iran. Please check with us regarding your visa requirement at least 2 months before your intended trip to ensure visa requirement is fulfilled. However cancellation charges apply should your visa not be approved. Exotigo will not be responsible for any expenses, reimbursement or refund of any services fare if the passenger is deported or refused entry by Immigration Authorities on the tour for whatever reasons, including improper travel documents, quarantine, custom regulations, and possession of unlawful items or irregularities that may cause harm/damage to person or property.
Passengers are solely responsible for ensuring that they have all their valid travel documents (passport, visa etc)
Travel Insurance

Arrangement of travel insurance coverage is strongly recommended for trip cancellation, loss of deposit, baggage, personal accident, injury, illness, etc. Under no circumstances shall Exotigo be constructed as a carrier under a contract of carriage of a passenger and of his/her baggage and other personal belongings. The Company's staff will be please to assist you in making enquiries relating to travel insurance.


9- Complaints and Claims

Exotigo is committed to customer satisfaction, so if you have a problem or dispute, we will try to resolve your concerns. But if we are unsuccessful, you may pursue claims as explained in this section. You agree to give us an opportunity to resolve any disputes or claims relating in any way to the Website, any dealings with our customer service agents, any services or products provided, any representations made by us, or our Privacy Policy (“Claims”) by contacting Customer Support. If we are not able to resolve your Claims within 60 days, you may seek relief through arbitration or in small claims court, as set forth below. Any and all Claims will be resolved by binding arbitration, rather than in court, except you may assert Claims on an individual basis in small claims court if they qualify. This includes any Claims you assert against us, our subsidiaries, travel suppliers or any companies offering products or services through us (which are beneficiaries of this arbitration agreement). This also includes any Claims that arose before you accepted these Terms of Use, regardless of whether prior versions of the Terms of Use required arbitration. There is no judge or jury in arbitration, and court review of an arbitration award is limited. However, an arbitrator can award on an individual basis the same damages and relief as a court (including statutory damages, attorneys’ fees and costs), and must follow and enforce these Terms of Use as a court would. Any and all proceedings to resolve Claims will be conducted only on an individual basis and not in a class, consolidated or representative action. If for any reason a Claim proceeds in court rather than in arbitration, we each waive any right to a jury trial. No responsibility is accepted in respect of any complaint and or claim not so made.


10- Liability Disclaimer

Exotigo has taken reasonable care to ensure Product Content is correct. Customers acknowledge that Product Content is made available to us by third party suppliers. All Product Content is prepared in good faith but Customers acknowledges that we cannot check the accuracy of all information provided by third party suppliers. Customer acknowledges that Product Content is subject to amendment at any time without notice. Exotigo has no direct control over the third party suppliers of Product and will not be liable in the event that any advertised services or facilities are changed or withdrawn.
Exotigo reserve the rights to refuse any bookings if the fares displayed are found to be in error or are being withdrawn by third-parties.

Exotigo shall not be liable for any direct or indirect losses, due to any errors/omissions in the bookings or third-parties failures.

Exotigo liability, under whatever circumstances shall be limited only to the amount paid by the customer and shall be at our sole discretion.


11- Targeted Financial Sanctions

Policy statement
This is the Sanctions Policy adopted by Exotigo in compliance with Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Chapter 186 Regulations 2016 and United Nations Act, Chapter 339 Regulation 2014. Exotigo will actively prevent and take measures to guard against any breaches of MAS and UN law in relation to all applicable sanctions.
Sanctions of particular relevance
The sanctions of particular relevance to Exotigo business operations are the following sanctions pertaining to Iran:
• Immediately freeze funds, other financial assets or economic resources of designated individuals and entities* (latest Revision of UN 2231 List);
• Not enter into financial transactions or provide financial assistance or services in relation to: (i) designated individuals, entities or items; or (ii) proliferation and nuclear, or other sanctioned activities; and
• Inform MAS of any fact or information relating to the funds, other financial assets or economic resources owned or controlled, directly or indirectly, by a designated individual or entity.
Exotigo Policy in compliance with Singapore regulations about prohibition from dealing with:
• Designated individuals and entities as defined in the respective UN Regulations. 
• Property of designated persons; and
• Prohibition against provision of resources and services for benefit of designated persons.
On-going monitoring and internal controls
Exotigo ensures that:
• The identities of all new and existing users and partners will be verified to a reasonable level of certainty.
• Exotigo’s Legal Compliance Team coordinates and regularly updates relevant sanctions policies and procedures of the business.
• All staff read and understand the policy and procedures before contacting users and partners.
• If Exotigo becomes aware of a person or entity: who is subject to MAS or UN law; or dealing with a sanctioned person or entity, Exotigo will notify the relevant authorities (Monetary Authority of Singapore - MAS) of this potential breach.


12- Anti-Money Laundering Policy

Policy statement
Exotigo, in compliance with Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) - Notices on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT Notices), has adopted this Anti Money Laundering and Terror Financing Policy (AML Policy).
Exotigo will actively prevent, and take measures to guard against being used as a medium for, money laundering activities and terrorism financing activities and any other activity that facilitates money laundering or the funding of terrorist or other criminal activities.
Due Diligence Measures
Exotigo ensures that:
• The identities of all new and existing users and partners are verified to a reasonable level of certainty (including identifying the beneficial owners and taking reasonable measures to verify that person's identity).
• A risk-based approach will be taken to the monitoring of all our accounting affairs.
• Any suspicious activity will be reported to relevant authorities, and all AML activities recorded.
• Exotigo’s Legal Compliance Team will coordinate and regularly update the AML policies and procedures.
• All staff read and understand the policy and procedures before contacting users and partners.
On-going Monitoring and Compliance
Exotigo will actively not accept high-risk users or partners that are identified as follows:
• Users or partners with larger one-off transactions, or a number of transactions carried out within a short space of time.
• Partners with complex business ownership structures with the potential to conceal underlying beneficiaries.
• Situations where the source of funds cannot be easily verified.
Exotigo’s Legal Compliance Team will regularly monitor the following procedures to ensure they are being carried out in accordance with this policy:
• Client identity verification;
• Reporting suspicious transactions; and
• Record keeping.
Large cash transactions
In the case that Exotigo receives a large sum of cash (more than €10,000) from a user, Exotigo will take the following steps:
• Ask the user to identify and verify the source of the cash by providing Exotigo with a bank statement showing the withdrawal of the cash;
• Exotigo Legal Compliance Team will assess the veracity of the bank statement (making all reasonable enquiries to ensure its authenticity); and
• Report any suspicious transactions to relevant authorities.



13- About Exotigo

exotigo.com is a travel website offering Flights, Hotels, Car Rental and Packages to top Iran destinations. Exotigo is a third party service to assist all tourists who are visiting Iran. Whether you are looking for a flight or a hotel stay, we would be more than happy to help you further with ease and convenience in mind. While we strive to make your dream trip to Iran the best possible, we also would love you to explore the roads less travelled.