Persian Carpet – Haris 246*318 cm


@ Persian Carpet – Haris Rug

Size: 246*318 cm

Area: 7.82 sqm

Material: Wool

Pattern: Lachak Toranj

Carpet Code: 67418

Region: Iran – Tabriz, Haris Region


All rugs are hand-knotted with high-quality wool and natural colors and directly are shipped from Iran. We are collaborating with well-known and genuine Iranian carpet workshops in Isfahan, Tabriz, Kashan, Kerman, etc.

The top sellers of Persian rugs are listed on the website for online purchase. The full catalogue is available offline, if you are interested please contact us, we will send the catalogue to your Email.

The shipping fee and tax are already included in the carpet price. We do shipping worldwide within two weeks of placing the order.


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