Setareh Behroozi


As a to-be traveler to Iran, the Iran dress code is probably one of your main concerns. What is the Iranian dress code of tourists? How strictly does it perform in Iran?

To find your answer, you may search and then come up with the image of colorful girls with a loose shawl on their heads and boys with short-sleeve shirts on different blogs and websites. What is going on in that country? How seriously should I observe the law about the Iranian dress code?

What are the best things to do in Iran? Enchanting historical monuments, captivating nature, and tourist spots is a long list of to-dos in Iran. However, Iran tourist attractions are more than what you think. Besides, there are more than tourist places and sightseeing; you can have great experiences in the country!

In addition, to visit architectural wonders, you can stroll in the alleys of traditional houses. Even spend nights at traditional houses turn into hotels. You can also buy souvenirs at old bazaars.

Isfahan, the city of history and architecture, has a lot to explore and experience. But where to stay? Here in this article, you can find about best Isfahan hostels. These characterful lodgings are great choices for backpackers, wanderlusters, and who want to save budget on their trips. 

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Don’t underestimate food when you travel to a country! Since foods, their cooking procedure, the ingredient used in foods, and the way they served telltale you about the culture and civilization of a society. Iranian foods have a lot to tell you about this beautiful country! Hence, don’t miss Persian food while traveling in Iran.

Persian foods, with a great variety and different tastes, are a great feast and you, as a traveler, are invited! The Persian foods generally cook slowly on the fire or oven. The cooking procedure and various mix of ingredients create a fabulous taste in Persian cuisines!

There are some different types of Iranian foods. One of the most popular types of food is Khoresht or Khoresh, Persian stew that is mostly served with rice. Besides, Iranians have a variety of mixed rice usually made with beans.

“ Is Iran safe ?” Ask this question from someone who traveled to Iran before, you probably find the answer with a big smile: Absolutely, yes!

Reading different travelogues and interviews on the internet confirms your findings! Since the travelers describe Iran as one of the safest destinations they have ever traveled. Even many of them miss Iranian friends at the country!

Those traveled Iran agree that it is safer than many other countries. The country boasts one of the loveliest people in the world. The travelers would tell you that they left Iran with great memories shared with locals.