Setareh Behroozi


Knowing little but important things about your next destination helps you to enjoy your trip. The way to use Iranian toilets (squat toilets) is one of the things that you would wish to know about before traveling to the country.

In Iran, like many other Asian countries, squat toilets are used predominantly. Although you have access to a western toilet in most hotels, restaurants, airports, and shopping malls, using the squat toilets is what you should learn while you stay in Iran! Here we provide you some information about using Iranian toilets.

What is the best time to visit Iran? The good news is Iran has a great variety of places and experiences for you all year round since Iran weather has a wide range in all seasons. Maybe the best way to choose about the time of your trip is to decide according to your itineraries and your destinations in Iran.

However, there are some general facts about Iran’s climate. First of all, despite its variability, Iran is an arid or semi-arid country. Most of Iran’s classic attractions and UNESCO registered sites are also located in the arid parts of Iran.

Shiraz is the city of poetry and bitter orange in Iran. It is one of the liveliest cities in Iran with cheerful citizens. Visiting Shiraz, the city has a lot of things to do.

As one of the cities of ancient Persia, Shiraz dates back to 2000 BCE. Therefore, there is a lot of historical monuments that you can visit in Shiraz or near the city.  Besides, stunning Persian gardens and buoyant bazaar, delicious foods, and desserts are other experiences you can have while visiting Shiraz.

Welcoming people, breathtaking cultural heritage sites, unique experiences, and natural wonders await you in Iran. So how do you want to spend your vacation in Iran? Do you wish to walk into history at heritage sites, and touching the dunes of the desert barefoot? Or living a few days with nomads? Here we introduce you with the best Iran tour packages.

A tour package brings you peace of mind that you don’t miss any attraction during your trip. Accommodation, transportation, and planning are arranged! With a tour package, you can meet the expectation of your trip. In this way, you save your time and energy to enjoy more.

As you may hear, most of the time planning for a trip is as joyful as you are going on a trip. Hence, what are you waiting for? Do not waste your time stay-at-home and plan for future trips. We help you with some tips to have a good journey during the COVID-19 pandemic!

You may follow some websites and accounts on social media that provide virtual tours. A great opportunity to explore the world from your sofa! But if you wish to step out of the house, you should do this as a smart traveler who cares about the current situation of coronavirus in the world.

Finding the best Iran travel agencies can give you useful information about Iran, introduce you to available travel services and help you to gauge your budget during your trip.

So you wish to travel to Iran? Iran, the land of turquoise domes and colorful history with one of the friendliest people awaits you with open arms. As a to-be traveler to Iran, you may be curious about itineraries, accommodation, and expenses.

You plan to travel to Iran, and you are dreaming about its beauties and great people who welcome you with their generosity. You probably have booked your hotel, flight, and got your visa. Even you may also decide about the attractions you wish to visit. Now it is time to know more about your destination. Having information about Iran’s currency and choosing between cash or credit helps you to have a more comfortable trip to this legendary land.