Setareh Behroozi


Many travelers who dream of traveling Iran are worried about the U.S. travel ban after visiting Iran! But what is the truth? Is there any problem to have Iran stamp on your passport? How should a traveler deal with it?

The problem started when In 2015 the USA changed the guidelines for its Visa Waiver program (WVP), commonly referred to as ESTA (the online application for a visa waiver available to most European, UK and some other nationals) and stipulated that visitors who had been to any of Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, or Yemen would no longer be eligible for a visa waiver or ESTA under new anti-terrorism principles.

The residence of crown princes of Qajar (1789-1925) until 1925, has a lot to offer you! The Tabriz attractions include Tabriz Historic Bazaar Complex, Azerbaijan Museum, Blue Mosque, Poets’ Mausoleum, Elgoli Park, and Shahriar House Museums.

Tabriz is the city of first ones for most Iranians. Since the city hosts the first printing house, university, municipality, cinema hall, and the first Iranian kindergarten for deaf children.’

In the past, any carpet made in Asia or the Middle East (including China, India, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran) was considered Oriental. Persian carpets are traditionally made in the Middle East, specifically Iran, which was formerly known as Persia. That means Persian rugs are a subset of Oriental rugs.

Each Persian rug is hand-knotted by skilled craftspeople, so no two are the same. And as they’re made of wool, they’re naturally hardwearing and resistant to dirt. Check out this article to know more.

Whether you are a backpacker or an independent traveler to Iran, booking a hotel is one of the things you must do! Booking online your hotel in Iran makes you sure about your accommodation during your trip. Hence, reading about different accommodations and selecting your favorite one is one of the must-do things before your arrival.

However, the online booking of Iran hotels is different. Due to the imposed sanctions, some renowned hotel booking websites like Airbnb and are not working in Iran. So what you should do to book a hotel online in advance?