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Finding the best hotels in Tehran makes your mind relax to indulge in the beauty of Iran’s capital. At a glance, Tehran seems a crowded city with people who are mostly in a hurry on streets, and traffic jams on highways may do not seem like a desirable destination for traveling to Iran. However, Tehran is a great place and destination to enjoy Persian culture, life, and entertainment.

Known as the city of windcatchers (badgir), Yazd is one of the beautiful desert cities in central Iran. Finding the best hotel in Yazd provides you an opportunity to enjoy this UNESCO-registered city.

Travel to Yazd, you can enjoy walking in allies with mud-brick architecture. In fact, the earth architecture of the city is a clever solution for centuries to deal with the desert environment and climate.

Above all, Yazd attractions are mostly related to its architecture. Here you can find traditional houses now transformed into hotels. So read on:

You have a variety of things to do in Kashan, a city on the edge of the central desert of Iran. As the first oasis along the Qom-Kashan highway, Kashan has a lot of attractions to visit that were mentioned in Kashan guide travel.

There are several historical houses in Kashan, which belonged to 19th-century Iranian merchants. In fact, some of these beautiful houses now turn into hotels and you can stay enjoying Iranian architecture. Some of these hotels are among the best hotels in Kashan.

Fin Garden, Abyaneh village, and Aqa Bozorg Mosque, and Tepe Sialk are some of the attractions of this beautiful city.

Kashan mesmerizes you with architectural wonders and history. Kashan mesmerizes you with architectural wonders and history. Finding the best hotels in Kashan provides you an opportunity to enjoy the architecture and culture of Iran. Do not miss the experience of staying in Kashans traditional hotels.

In fact, Kashan is the first large oasis along the Qom-Kerman road which runs along the edge of the central deserts of Iran. You can find more information about this city in the Kashan travel guide article.